Boodiou - Ibiza

A visit to Ibiza and Boodiou - my friend's newly opened bar and restaurant.

Prior to my holiday I was a lot more intrigued to visit Tony Comas and his best friend Hadrien Riget then visiting Ibiza itself. The excitement was also more directed towards finally visiting their very own and newly opened restaurant and bar, named Boodiou (which I’ve been told is kinda like a Southern French slang for ‘oh my God’), than towards any kind of clubbing or excessively partying activities on the island. When I’ve told people I’m going to Ibiza, I must admit it has been with a slight unease, because it’s just so cheesy. But of course I knew I’d enjoy the sun, the ocean, the food and drinks, and maybe the party too (since I know my friends have good taste) but when you have Berlin as your place of residence you kinda know that no place will ever be on the same level of attitude and of that raw decadence that I have grown to love so deeply. Ibiza is kinda like the lame cousin of Berlin, who has her moments of shine nevertheless. At least that’s how I’ve always imagined Ibiza, even though I never set my foot on the Island before.

The night before my arrival I was working service in Melody Nelson and thus I didn’t get much sleep, this giving rise to a rather unpleasant haze that my nine hour long journey was characterised by, to my disappointment. I couldn't wait to finally see Boodiou, but at the same time I just wanted to crash. As I stepped out of the taxi from the airport I had to walk up a small street reserved only for pedestrians, and luckily that little walk excited me slightly, but it wasn’t until I stood in the doorway of Tony’s place and saw his beautiful and professional person behind his very own bar, that I realised where I was and what was happening really. I was finally there! I was in Boodiou - the magnificent result of my best friend’s dream, hard work and passion.

They’ve built everything themselves, you see. Everything! Except for a swing hammock and a mosaic covered bench that’s been there since the 70s. All the furniture and decoration, the kitchen and the bar is built by them, with help from their families and friends. They have worked around the clock for six months to finalize their mission and one week prior to my visit they opened up their doors for the crowds with premiere session that was apparently cooking! From what I’ve heard.

The atmosphere I was met with entering the venue was nothing but a treat. Tony and Hadrien opened up only a couple of weeks earlier, and on this Thursday night many of their friends from the island was enjoying a variety of their ‘choices of today’; a concept that simply allows them to present what they have fresh in stock from day to day, presented on hand written menus (for now) with a surprisingly neat handwriting that both Tony and Hadrien wanted to claim credit for!

The drink Tony placed in front of me when I’d taken a seat was a bomb (!) with white chocolate infused vodka, a dash of chili heated red fruits, lemon and egg white. He calls it Sour del Bosque and it was delicious and just what I wanted (Tony always know what I want before I do).

What followed my first night on Ibiza was a mixture of work and play. I got to shadow Tony and Hadrien, helping them foraging (pick locally grown botanicals), prepare the bar for the night's shift, eat and drink extremely well and making many new friends - and I also got a nice tan! We did go dance one night but the season hadn't really started and the party we went to was just not good. What was good however, was spending time with all my new friends!

After a week on Ibiza I can say that the island seduced me, but that I’m happy to go home to Berlin. And if it wasn’t so damn expensive I’d definitely visit Tony and Hadrien a whole lot, just to get a taste of their take on the island and to keep up with their progress in establishing the best bar and restaurant in town! I will follow Boodiou’s development and keep getting inspired by my friend’s hard work and talents.

/Tina Shine

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