I love my job!

Imagine this: It’s a lighthearted feeling when you just opened the bar; the sun is still shining and you’re hit by the tropical and very familiar smell of fresh lime as you cut that first piece of green fruit in perfect wedges while singing along to the songs on your new spotify playlist coming out the soundsystem. Then your best mate walks into the bar with a big smile on his/her face, in the company of some super cool friends (!) and you have time to greet them properly, provide top service, and you know you look really good tonight! They ask about the drinks, and the music, and as more and more guest enter the bar you speed up your flow but you’re totally in control, moving smoothly behind the bar and you don’t spill. You feel that positive stress now and you get exited about tonight since you’re not hung over, everything in the bar is well prepped, soon your favourite colleague is gonna stand by your side and the bar-back tonight is that fast learned new guy who works hard and good. Then you recall who’s gonna play records from 10pm and this dj is awesome! Always selecting super fine music and brings a great crowd and vibe. YES! You think to your self “shit I love my job and I can’t fucking believe I’m getting paid for doing this!!” and when you’re like “it can’t get better than this!” you check you’re phone and there it is - a text from this boy/girl you’re flirting with but who you haven’t slept with yet, saying he/she’s coming around in an hour and you get a little nervous! Fuck me! :D This night unfolds beautifully, kinda like Mozarts conducting of his last requiem for Sallieri in Amadeus - but here, in this bar, you’re the composer. ;)

In this moment you’re filled to the brim with just pure, honest gratitude towards working in this industry, being so good at it you get to be surrounded by all these kickass personalities; friends drinking, dancing, colleagues working hard with whom you build a team, a family, dj’s and artist bringing joy and depth to the already vibrating ambience you’re part of creating. We do it together, coming together, creating this by us, for us. To all you who encouraged me to do THIS and who helped me get where I am today I really wanna say, from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!

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